This website is designed for Witches in Australia and the southern hemisphere.
All ceremonies are set by our Australian seasons, using trees, herbs and essences found in our backyard.  We will deal with a variety or magics, Elemental, Moon, Circle and Kitchen magic.  Kitchen magic is where my family has its roots, as such it is where I am strongest and have the most knowledge. It is an important element of magic as it heals the mind and the body.  With a few herbs and the right preparation all ailments can be banished.

I will touch on all areas of magic that I have knowledge in, but if you wish for more information on a specific subject please feel free to contact me.

Through movies, books and television shows magic has been portrayed in a variety of ways and most of them are wrong or just plain silly.  Magic is simply manipulation of energy.

The universe is made of energy and with an open heart, right intentions and a little concentration anyone can do magic.  As with any talent there will be people who are naturally good at it and others who need to work harder.

All the tools of the trade associated with magic are fun and pretty but not necessary.  However when first beginning they can be useful.  Think of them like training wheels on a bike, you know you can ride but either through nerves or lack of faith in your abilities you feel more confident with the training wheels on.

With patience and practise you will be able to work without the tools (training wheels), but be aware the time this takes will vary from person to person in direct correlation to you own belief in your abilities.

Magic also has a safety clause built in, that is why black or dark magic is a fallacy, negative energy returns a negative result, so if you send out a negative or irresponsible request you will harm yourself.  That is why we have the rule that all who practice magic abide by,
‘First Do No Harm’.